Setting up...for disaster.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7091

Fred 4 cluck the horses to a halt and look up at the ruins of this world's Castle D'Honaire. He looked and shook his head sadly as he looked upon it's half melted/half burnt shell and found it somehow....fitting. Duke Drederigo, Fred the manfox's father, did his line a great disservice in his betrayal of king and country when he chose to give into his dark side. In doing so, he besmirched the name D'Honaire. It was up to those like him and the other D'Honaires to repair the damage done, and build anew from what was left of the D'Honaire family foundation. That is what they would do with the ruins of Castle D'Honaire. From it, they would build anew a new D'Honaire estate.

"And the fallout has been cleared?" Fred 4 asked the demifox mage as he jumped down from the wagon.

"Aye, that my comrades in magic assure me," Synizn chuckled, looking up at Fred's worried face. "Oh, and I did some remote divining before we came here, so I know this to be safe. Better safe than sorry."

"Aye, 'tis it ever." Astra 4 agreed as she cradled on of the little ones, feeding her. "I'd hate to think that we chose a home that would cause our children to grow sick and die due to an oversight!"

All nod, and then Fred begins to start to direct his host to do various tasks while Astra soon lends a hand while servants look after the sleeping toddlers. Synizn, in need to answer of nature.....shifts into full fox form to quickly and discretely take care of that business in the bushes, but not before casting a Deflection spell upon himself, as he now was in the habit of doing for such business.

It would be more than a touch ironic that, after living for over 3,000 years he'd be shot by mistake. Mistaken for a crimson furred thief of chicken coops!

While the peasants work, and Fred and Astra speak about the strange story told in the form of something called a movie that Synizn had watched with several of his brothers and Dragon Circle Member's when Probe threw a Movie Party as a gesture of goodwill between the Golems and the Dragons. One in particular had tickled the little demifoxs fancy, and he had talked hours about it with the confused D'Honaires before they finally got the gist of the story line. The movie had been called The Matrix (Title and characters within copyrighted by Warner Bros.), of all things! Though, it hardly had anything to do with that magical characteristic that had been the root of Fred 4 and his wife and family....

"And what really got him was how the ghost of Ajax, the first Golem that Fred the Manfox met, looked exactly like the character Morphius that the actor - Laurence Fishburne - from that movie," Astra said.

"When he wasn't morphing into a spacehip," Fred qualified. "What surprised Fred the manfox was that Probe told him that that was how he his Avatar looked before Dragoness Moreau caught him with a lucky claw swipe....."

"And by the time Fred and his group got to Moreau's lair, Ajax's syntho-skin was well on his way to rotting away, as it usually does after being damaged to such an extent. What was left was a ghastly mask that was hardly recognizable as what he saw that night with us....." Astra put in.

Fred was about to say more, when an arrow came skittering out from the woods to land at the couple's surprised feet!

While the humans are running to defensible positions to ward off attack, a rather pissed looking Synizn, staff glowing, is leading a startled looking floating , spell frozen, centaur out from the woods.....

Under intense questioning, both done by mundane means and by magic, something becomes clear that surprises both Lord Fred and Synizn greatly.

One is that there is a second spirit within this young centaur's body.....and that spirit is none other than....

"Another ^&*(^@ Frederigo D'Honaire?!" mutters Fred, looking up at the spell befuddled centaur. "And an idiotic brother at THAT! Good GOD! Reading a mage's spell book....when he......" (re:1628 and 7084).

Fred was glad that Astra and the children aren't here, for he loathed to let them hear what he's saying. Astra could take it easily, but the infants....he didn't want to blister their sweet little ears!

Fred broke off, cursing silently in mixed anger and embarrassment. As if somehow this Fred was a severely bad reflection upon himself.

"I think this proves that not all analogous folk are totally like in things like intelligence, Fred." Synizn says soothingly. "I know for a fact, for you have the right attitude in handling magic for a non-mage. You know when to leave it well enough alone."

"He sure didn't know that," Fred muttered as he looked at the small pool of water that reflected the centaur's image, and a fading image of somebody who sort of looked like him.

"Is there anything you can do for him," Fred asks, watching the image fade a bit more. "Even though he just strikes me as an extreme embarrassment to House D'Honaire, I can't bring myself to cosign him to oblivion."

"Nothing I can do," Synizn sighs as the image finally fades, leaving only the young centaur. "He's gone, and....I perhaps could have done something with the Crystallics, but even that was "ify"....considering the wild nature of the spell he unleashed upon himself without controlling ingredients!"

Synizn had only heard two confirmed cases of something like this in his entire lifetime, and the details were sketchy and probably false....

Fred nods sadly, and then is about to tell Synizn to let the young centaur go to run off to whatever Herd he can find (not telling him the truth of his unusual origin)....when....

"My lord!" a small boy cries, running into the room that Fred and Synizn had been holding the interrogation within. "Terrible news! Duchess Astra....4 and the children have gone missing!"

All who see Fred's and Synizn's face cower in fear, for there is a fire underneath....a burning desire for vengeance....

While under the cover of darkness and lax guards, someone has stolen Fred and Synzin's loves.

Someone has kidnapped Astra 4 and Fred 4's brood, and Synizn smells and magically detects signs of Dwarves! There is....going to be Hell to pay!

  1. One has to wonder what Tarin Gazin and his clan will be saying about these events, eh? And one has to wonder if the dwarves were smart enough to cover their tracks well enough from magical tracking?!

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