A Plan Is Hatched

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7016

High Lord Sithe is having another conversation with Balok. "Is it right what I've heard: dat der red-headed woman in der group dat we attacked is der sister of der queen of Aqualaria?" "Sort of. She's known as Astra 4, and is one of the 'analogs' of Queen Astra. If you remember, I explained to you a few days ago what analogs are." "But dey are as close as if dey really were sisters?" "So they say." "If we make a frontal attack on der wagon train again, even if our weapons and armour are now as good as deir's are - which is doubtful - dere's still dat accursed mage to deal with. But if we can sneak a small party past deir sentries under cover of darkness, and take der woman and her children hostage, den we can dictate terms to Aqualaria." "I'm not sure how blackmailable Queen Astra and her husband will be, but it's certainly worth a try. If it works, then the pay-off could be very high. At worst, we lose a handful of expendable orcs." "Dwarfs. Orcs are too big to be any good at being sneaky."

  1. "Dwarfs," Balok concedes, looking slightly less happy than before.

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