The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7015

"I wish that I could warn them," Tisbitt sighs as he finishes his book.

I nod sadly in understanding, well aware of the limitations imposed by ghosthood. Some lucky souls, like the late AI ghost and the frozen Astra analog were able to volunteer vital information, for that was their key to release from being ghosts!

For the rest of us, we are stuck with what little we can tell our living friends and family.

"I'd say 'That's life.' but it would quiet fit," Belboz says in a soothing voice. "Since we are ghosts and all. But that phrase fits."

The last zombie throws itself into the flames, thus finishing yet another necropolis' ghostly inhabitants being free to go on to Wherever they deserve to go.

I'd go up to Panaras, just to see this Nine character....but it'll be a cold day in Hades before I give him release!

No, I have no good feelings for a people who'd so casually inflict so much death and misery on Terra. Perhaps that's not the most kind thing to say, but it's the way I feel about the SOB.

"So....now where are you roaming off to?" I ask in curiosity as the ghostly knight gathers up his meager belongings. "Off to look on when those traders and diplomats from Aqualaria's neighbors finally come down to see about the old colony that now is the Manimal Nation?"

"Mayhaps," Tisbitt shrugs. "It might be interesting to see just how they'd react to seeing Fred the manfox with TWO wives. However, I am not really sure. I might even spy upon the Golems, just for the novelty of it."

  1. We say farewell, and part on our appointed business. He on his journey, and I on my quest to put all those restless souls to rest......

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