The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6980

I must admit that I'm still not quiet used to the reality of coming into a town where the townfolk know what my profession is, and them CHEERING!

Years of bitter experience made it clear to me that ordinary people do not like the thought of somebody being able to bring their loved one's back to a ghastly semblance of life, a grim paraody. While I can do such, I much prefer doing what I had actually planned on doing when I found I had a.....connection....with the realm of the dead. People pay good money to charlatans.....while I can....for a much more reasonable price (hey, even I had to eat to live when I drew breath). And, to be blunt about it, when you used Me to speak with those who had left life but where still stuck between here and whatever Eternal Reward .....By God they get results! One of the more satifying things of my given profession was actually being able to lay the spirit of the restless dead to actual rest!

The times I actually got to do that were few, since there is this rather unfortunate ....stigma.....associated with necromancy. Well, from what I've seen with the few necromancers I've come across (and had to kill out of self defense when they attacked me in outrage out how I had perverted the intended use of the Arte ), I can't really blame them. Still, over the years the whole of it had made me a bit bitter.

Perhaps that is why my analogs in other universes turned to evil?

Maybe, but that is neither here or there for me, now.

Now, in this twilight existence, I find that I'm actually WELCOME in towns that had shunned me. This is due in large part to a certain ghostly messanger by the name of Tisbitt who has broadcasted the happenings of some associates of mine AND my part in the whole deal.

Hungry for release, and delighted to find a ghost who can command the mortal remains to do what their ghostly owners can no longer do....I'm suddenly VERY popular. Especially when they find out that I'm not out to enslave them into some type of unholy Undead Kingdom (I and my associates have had to terminate some undead mages who had tried that).

Now, I finally have the pleasure of meeting this young ghost who's done me such a boon. When I had first offered to go out and cremate his mortal remains so he could move on he had laughed and said that he was rather enjoying his new role as messenger to the news hungry masses of ghosts who couldn't leave the sight of their deaths.

He just wishes that he could go out and volunteer information to the living. Tell them outright, instead of having to be asked before telling, what he's seen. Tell and warn them what is out there, menacing.

"I understand," I say with a sad smile. "I suffer that myself, really. Even a necromancer is subject to the dictates of the Afterlife."

Thank God that Malachi Dronocis had asked the right questions on her quest to rid Terra of the mad ghostly Dr. Vincent.

I sigh, and then brighten again (something I rarely did when I was living).

"Well, since you've been out while I've been busy," I say, pointing at the dozens of zombies who are dragging the last of the bodies into a huge burning bonfire. "Mayhaps you can tell me what you've seen? I'd rally appreciate it."

  1. Tisbitt smiles, and pulls out from a travel sack two ghostly tomes. The second one is larger than the first. Well, being that I'm dead means I have time to sit back and relax and listen. And so Tisbit begins to read.....

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