Triumph, Tragedy

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6979

The Mayor of Panaras DID go out and forgive the Enemy ghost known as Nine for what he'd done to his body. It woud have been more special if Nine would have come out of his catatonic state to enjoy it, but.....

The mayor couldn't....however....find it in his heart to forgivethe enitre Race for what had befallen Terra. Actually, there was not one person on Terra who I know of who had done that.

The week leading up to the second wedding of Frederigo D'Honaire the manfox was filled with high and low points. There were moments of hilarity, and rough moments of sadness as the newest members of the Pack adjusted to their new home...and their new family.

Dragon Fred was able to renew his friendship with the rather startled Loam 2, and even introduce the stunned wolfman to his wife.

Loam was the best man (again), but this time of Honor was none other than Alicia - Fred's first wife- herself! That drew up a few eyebrows, but nothing was said of it. The short raccoon manimal known as Padre Fin performed the ceremony, and the new wife gave her husband a deep and passionate kiss. Their tails intertwined, and then the party was joined by the Maid of Honor. Unusual in the extreme, but somehow....fitting.

Those who hadn't been able to come in person on such short notice applauded from their respective magical mirrors.

Probe and Inquirer recorded the event through their internal recording devices, ready to download it onto opitical disk/CD latter.

The Golem/AIs had, upon hearing of the wedding, dropped everything as quickly and safely as they could, loaded themselves and their liege dragon, Dragon Synizn, into the one rocket sled that had been issued to them upon their retirement...and had rocket all the way from Ethiopia to the Manimal Nation at frightening speed.

A rocket sled is not nearly as swift or as comfortable as a shuttlecraft and with minimal luggage space (built for two....or three in a pinch), and Dragon Synizn had been all the more in discomfort as Probe flew through the air just a few meters above the treetops that it had scared the bejeebers out of the proud dragon (not that you'll hear him admit to it).

Amid all this, there was a small but poignant moment as a something was finally done about the human remains found within the stomach of the Lizard man who'd tried to kill Fred the manfox's group so long ago (re: 1330) and ended up a corpse within the Enemy freeze unit.

"That was a great wedding, Father," the weasel headed layman said, pulling out the vestments and incense for what was going to happen next.

"Always enjoyed a good wedding....even when the groom is already married to another woman," Padre Fin sighed, waddling over to the alcohol filled jars that contained the mortal remains of some poor soul. "I tell you, sometimes, though I enjoy being a leads to some of the most awkward situations, eh?"

"I....guess," the young weaselman says.

"But what I'm wondering is whether or not there is enough of this poor guy's remains here to give a decent funereal to," the layman finishes up making the final adjustments to the incense burners.

"I....think that even this amount should suffice," Padre Fin mutters before beginning.

The ghost of the mayor feels an insistent tugging on his being, and he soon finds himself invisibly standing in front of the cleric.

The ceremony complete, the mayor of Panaras stares in surprise as he looks up and feels a shaft of light reach down....and start to drag him up into the Light!

"Claire...." The mayor whispers in quiet joy as he sees his wife smiling down from Above....

Nine, who is shambling about in a daze....looks up and sees the last human ghost in Panaras rising up....and up....

"...don't go.....please...." the Enemy ghost begs quietly, looking on.

"Ah, that is that," Padre Fin sighs, closing his Bible as the laymen shuffles the last spadeful of dirt into the small grave with the tombstone that said Unknown on it. "I hope that this give this unfortunate soul the rest he deserves."

"I'm sure he got it," the weasel smiles. "But what of that Lizard we still have in that eldritch icebox? Shouldn't we at least BURN it?"

"No, I'm awaiting a final decision on whether or not the monster in that freeze unit has a soul," the greying raccoon cleric says. "I'm not going to arbitrarily decide on such as IT....though I'm of the opinion that such a being who could so casually do what had been done to countless human worlds.....doesn't have a spirit! Perhaps it is even a creation of Satan himself! I await to see what the Pope in Ethiopia has to say on the matter.

"And before you ask.....yes, I know of the good the Regent has done...and I believe that a dragon can have a soul. I just have questions about these scaly demons...."

  1. And so Nine wanders the streets of Panaras, unable to be seen by others without specialized....specifically tuned....magical spells....and the wretch waits.....

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