The story, thus far Part 1

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7005

The Tail of Frederigo D'Honaire: As the Fur Flys

Vol. 1


Items of interest:

The Phage

Originally just a mundane Enemy germ warfare product concocted by a Royal Researcher in the service to the Race (the Lizards/Enemy's name for themselves). Minestus had come to the conclusion that any native sickness he could get his claws on, even if modified by his gifted hands, would be easily countered by any would be human mage savior.

Just as the Researcher was lamenting about how sad it was that his brainchild proved to be useless because Intelligence resources had uncovered proof that the Alliance already had counteragents to this bio-weapon, he finds himself elsewhere.

So, when Minestus went on expedition for an offworld disease that had the punch he was looking for, and too alien to be countered...he got the Researcher and his bioweapon.. The Researcher and dragon seemed to hit it off (well, not only appeared to be so...).

Minestus magically mutated the bioweapon into a bastardized creation that was neither fully science based nor magical was a lethal combination of the two (with the added feature of being able to somehow generate it's own magic source for itself..go figure). Now, it can go anywhere in the multiverse. This combination prevents the easy cure by either magic or science.

Is there a cure? Can it be found within the adventurers lifetime?

Who knows.

I don't.



The Golems (the Alliance).

A coalition of parallel Earths united. Dedicated in defending itself and defeating the Enemy.

Original democratic governments more or less collapsed under the strain of Enemy attacks. Only a collection of corporations had the means to rally and keep things together.

The Alliance is a Corporacy, run by an interdimensional collection of international corporations. Think of these worlds as your basic cyberpunk science fiction storyworlds (like Bladerunner and such) to get the idea of the environment.

However, throw out the dog eat dog mentality when it comes to the military, despite the clash tradition of "Honor, commitment, courage" with the Companies...profit motivations. The military doesn't like or approve of the situation, but realizes that without the Corporation, the Alliance is dead... So the military serves a strange government. Mostly honorable men and woman (and other) dedicated in the defense of humanity and the final defeat of the Enemy, these zealots fight on..and on...

Just figure these jokers tech level on par of what you've seen in the Terminator, late 21rst century weaponry and equipment. See major advances in cybernetics and communications (tachyon transmission between Avator) (Terminator) and human (or remote AI) controller.

Another major leap in tech here is space and interdimensional travel. Ships on par with Enemy craft.

The Race/Enemy/Lizards

Strange reptilian beings who are asexual (produce eggs at will). Fanatically loyal to their Emperor, all things and people belong to the Empire, and all the Empire belong to them (and the Emperor is the personification/deification of this concept..).

Believe totally that they are the only beings with souls. All others are only smart animals, and as such should be used as cattle. Have been known to herd captured humans for food consumption.

Believe that when a person (one of the Race) dies, is reborn in Paradise. Do NOT believe in ghosts.

Personal weaponry, and computer tech behind that of the Alliance, but make up for the disparity in the quality of the weaponry (and poor training of the average soldier/grunt) with quantity...LOTS of quantity (i.e. they produce soldiers as quickly as they can, give them a gun and minimal training, and send them out to serve the Race). Outstanding individuals are promoted out from the grunt status to officer. Given a name/number. Considered a GREAT honor. Officers are given much better training and education..


A commodity as common as dirt on this Terra, but extremely rare and valuable elsewhere. Is the life fuel of both Alliance and Enemy civilizations.

Terra would have been a fatal blow to the Alliance if the Enemy had been successful with their draconian plans...but..Minestus actually did some good..unintended as it was. But because of the deadly nature of Phage, and the resilience of disease to all attempt to kill it..

Terra is currently considered a loss to both sides (well, until Recently...)

Colors range from blue, blue/green, to out and out green. Grow in large crystalline "groves."


Fred and the Pack have stepped into the realm of the supernatural, whether they like it or not.

They are no longer lycanthropes, but they still regenerate like lycanthropes and have the immune systems that can't be beat, hands down!

Also, there was one side effect that effects all manimals that is just another small things, but could be important. At the scene found where Fred reasoned out that the geis that prevented the Pack from reading and writing had died with the creator (Moreau), he wrote on the Council hall wall in front of the anxious Pack: I AM NOT AN ANIMAL. All the manimals could read it....including the ones who had been born manimals....and thus never got a chance to learn....Manimals can read and write all languages not intentionally encoded.....due to a quirk in their magical makeup. They are also VERY empathic, more so than before.. Before, they had a touch of it due their lycanthropic nature (it made getting along together in such a diverse group of beliefs and backgrounds possible). The time period that this story is taking place in is not one known for cultural enlightenment. Unless force force and fear had been used to keep the Pack members in line, Carradene would have found himself in charge of a smaller Pack...if it wasn't for empathy smoothing over the rough areas..

The plot:

Fred was dithering and worrying about which path to take into the cavern that (supposedly) contained the Dragon of the Southern Cavern. He takes the tunnel to the left, and ironic that he did. Something out of left field is going to come and change Fred's life forever! Fred greets and joins forces with an apparent victim of the Dragon, a teenage boy by the name of Vellus, who's now a tiny dog.

They both go down another set of tunnels and find a naked princess who calls herself Astra. Before Fred can free her, we see that Astra is something of an unwitting bait/trap for would be heroes such as Fred..

Vellus transforms into a hellhound, and before Fred could attack.. Yep, Fred is facing a Hellhound who used to be Vellus (but is actually Minestus in disguise).

The wizard (Minestus) got off a spell that echoed in Fred's skull. He found himself on an unknown island....and changing into an anthropomorphic fox.

Fred meets Alicia, and has that pre-nuptial disagreement about getting married since Fred had sex with her while under the sway of his fox instincts.

We hurry along past the fight between that Forsaken wolf who almost killed Loam, to where Fred, Alicia, and Loam go to Moreau's cave to find out just how a metal forbidden to the Pack and the Forsaken got on the island.

They find Moreau had been killed, and a strange Golem tells them about how Minestus released a Phage that's killing humanity. The golem is wounded badly, but succeeds in blowing up the cave.

The news of what's happening is greeted by shock by the leaders of the various beastmen clans and the Pack Leader (There are catpeople, bearpeople, foxpeople, wolfpeople for the major clans....with a smattering of weasel people and raccoon people). At first the Pack can only see death coming in the form of Minestus, who's going to flip out from grief at the loss of his dear sister (in all but blood)...he's going to take out his feelings on the Pack!

Fred leaps to the front, and gives the Pack hope of escape and life by revealing that there still is the pirate ship out there....with charts that tell how it got here and where land is (an unknown to almost all of the Pack). Carradene had known, but had known that spells and such cast by Moreau prevented escape from the Isle...until now.

Now the Pack can read and write, because the dragonness is dead and her gies is lifted. They can't speak the human tongue because they have muzzles....not human mouths.

Anyway, after the last night of the full moon, we see indications that the Pack is in the process of mutating into the new race that Minestus wanted them to be: manimals. The Pack figures this out latter (and by that time...).

The Pack load everything they could onto the ship, Kattie's Smile, and also tie up rafts and such from the last ill adviced escape attempt (failed miserably...and those who had gone out never survived).

Minestus comes, finds his sister dead, and goes insane from the grief. He torches everything, and driven even further into insanity by the frustration of not being able to talk to the Pack to find out who had killed Moreau (he'd kill them anyway, but he'd still like to KNOW).

After a long trek, the ship makes landfall, and the Pack gets to stretch their legs....and run (Fred's eyes twinkle when he says that....yep, the manimal nature is in blossom here).

Fred and Pack finally land on the island fortress of the pirate ship, and find all are dead, or nearly so. They discover what at first glance appears to be werewolves from another Pack, but in reality are just bodies of discarded Golems too wounded from battle (Some Golems got really ticked at these pirates for how they treated their prisoners....and ripped them apart).

A search party stumble across Golems giving Willian and Astra first aid (they'd been capture by the pirate after the two adventurers had escaped the forces of Drederigo, who was in the process of invading Aquallaria). Shocked at his cousins changes, Will and Astra still accept Fred and the Pack as friends (and Fred as family and friend).

Latter, there's the question of what to do. Many pirates had bit the dust from the Phage (just like the ones that died after they had anchored off the coast of Moreau's Isle). The Golems had told the truth (wisdom saying that only a fool would trust a when the Golems had said what they had.....).

Fred has been elected Leader of the Pack with the stepping down of Carradene (remember him, the mage/wolf who had tried to get Malachi to get the Pack off the Island?) He (Fred) elects to go try to take a small band of manimals and explore the nearby mining/port city of Panaras (sight of a silver mine operation).

Fred goes and finds that the city is a charnel house. Also runs across the Enemy. Pall kills Nine the Lizard (Enemy) by accident. Fred concludes that Panara, with it's older sections of town still surrounded by fort walls, is perfect for defense (and arm the walls with cannons loaded with Dragonbane lace ammo....a dragon would have a rough time taking the Pack).

About this time while we see the initial packing beginning, Synizn the former dragon but now manbear, convinces the Golems that not all dragons are allied with the Enemy (so please stopping attacking!) He then helps the Golems by making them invisible so they can waltz in and slaughter a group of over a hundred Lizards who came down to see why their forward station isn't responding.

Ghost of Nine goes nearly insane trying to get Lizards attention, but fails due to the fact that Lizards don't believe in ghosts. Nine's body is left in the freezer, so he won't get release from the ghostly planes until he's taken out and burned.

Golems slaughter Lizards, and then blow up field of Tiberium to deny it to the Enemy. Then the Golems take Synizn to Pack to meet up.....

Then Enemy soldiers start to drop dead. The Enemy figures out that Minestus is killing them through the Phage since the Enemy screwed with him by tricking him....

A nuclear device who's cargo blast pattern would have incinerated the Pack, instead plows into the ground 50 miles away from the Pack. It still does do what it was intended to do by destroying Enemy equipment by becoming a manmade meteor. It also nearly kills Minestus, who just happened to be hiding out up there. The wyrm nearly doesn't make it, and spends minutes/centuries floating in to finally calm down. His mind is somewhat healed by the immersion into Limbo. Minestus sees who had really killed Moreau: the Lizards by setting the Golems off.

Fred and Alicia's relationship advances greatly during their time together. The soon are wed by Padre Fin (a 4 foot something humanoid raccoon). Loams the best man.

When the full moon rolls around again, the Pack separate into their clans so as to not hurt each other....but this time we see that they are no longer slaves to the cycle of the Moon. They can also shift back and forth from humanoid to full animal without loss of human intellect and control. After a failed attempt to contact Malachi for possible help, we see Fred organizing an adventuring party to go out to try to find a cure for the Phage and lycanthropy (one isn't good without the other for the ones who want there human form least at this time).

Will taps out the combo on the slipgate, but the team ends up in Ethiopia. They find Malachi there trying to relieve the suffering of the sick and dying (the victims had been near the Arabi sight of the nuking) We see Alicia resigning her rights afford her by her station as Princess. This is done to protect her marriage and Fred. Ethiopia has been cut off from those boys in still calling themselves the was their brand of faith. Fred's not of that Church....and would have been stoned if it was well known he wasn't of that Church and had married the Princess.

The people didn't even ask her, however. They see Malachi as a gift from God. They also want her to be their new leader/protector. At first she was too shocked to speak, and then got a case of stage fright (not something that she'd admit to in public). But Synizn convinced her that if she really wanted to help humans...then help here by being this city's leader and protector (and eventually the Regent/Queen of Ethiopia).

Malachi does become leader/protector of the survivors of Ethiopia, and sees in her heart that one last thing is needed in order to REALLY have the best chance of success. She combines her Hoard with the coinage of the Land. This mystically connects her with it. She now has her finger on the pulse of the people, and can tell much about them..and see where problems are occurring (re: 2139) for full details).

Soon is sailing down the river to the Sueze Channel, a marvel of Atlantian engineering that connects oceans and will cut months off adventurers travels. Channel hasn't been sailed by human ships for over 10,000 years..due to dark rumors and happenings that happen inside (any ship that tried never came out). Turns out that a bunch of Atlantian golems kept following their last given orders by their masters...and sent the ships via magic gates to other worlds. But, Fred and others decide to risk this, so... They head off in a boat provided by Malachi, and is crewed by them and some humans from the city that Malachi is in.

They soon come across a bunch of mad blood covered were-jackal who had set a trap (re: 1766 concerning large alligators).

The were-jackal soon lose interest in shouting at the ship, and try to convert a bunch of rocks to their cause. The ship soon approaches the outskirts of the place where the nukes fell. The ship is near what is left of the city of Gilgil, the place where what was left of Alicia's family was in the process of relocating so as to better manage the crisis at hand...when they got the blast. One man in particular was horribly burned..but...

Fred sees the city, and wishes to see for himself what the Enemy did to it, up close and personal (in order to know his enemy). Well, Alicia wasn't too thrilled with the idea so stayed behind. Never having seen the horrors of nuclear weaponry (nor having any idea what it had done to the castle defense..see these episodes: 1766,1771, 1772, 1809 , 1810 , 1811 ). Fred and the others inside Gilgil barely escape from a hoard of carnivorous beetles and venomous snakes.

After mourning the dead and celebrating the living, Fred and the adventurers have a conference to discuss what they've learned and discuss insights about the nature of the Golem and Enemy equipment: 1815 , 1818 , 1819 (it's not based upon magic, but rather on the mundane principles of "science").

After all is said and done, Fred and folks retire. Fred has nightmares brought on by the anxieties stirred up again by what he saw in Gilgil. He awakens and sees himself and the manimals as monsters, unnatural. This hurts Alicia terribly, but she endures it silently (ain't love grand). 1820 .

We then find out who I was talking about who got burned in that blast..but survived. It is the former king of Ethiopia, Natthias. At first he had grieved for his lost daughter, Alicia. Eventually, though he wanted dearly to depart the lands in search for her, he stayed because duty called (Muslims put a crimp in his plans by attacking..again). Then when the Phage hit, had tried to relocate family and self to Gilgil to be better located to route resources to handle crisis. Was very stressed about his people's suffering. Then..the atom bomb struck. Still alive but horribly burned, Natthias saw what was left of his family dead..Gilgil in ruins.. people dead. This was too much for the noble man, and he went insane!

Wanting only to die, he crawls to the riverbed. But was captured by were-jackal who would have eaten him..but bit him and pissed on his leg. He became yet another were-jackal. At least he was ..until he saw and recognized Alicia on a passing sailing ship (the guy has special powers due to him being a Paladin or something..saw who Alicia was despite her new form). This angered the mad king.

She was supposed to be in a better place, so why was she here? He vowed that he'd send Alicia to the Better Place, so nothing sad or bad would happen to her..ever again.

Went off on his own, and ambushed the ship at a turn in the river.

In the meantime, Will and Astra caught wind of what happened Fred and Alicia..about what he called himself and the rest of the manimals. Both are royally honked! They proceed to quietly but firmly state their case against Fred's beliefs about him being a monster.

Natthias, in hybrid form (man/beast due to his inner violent emotional state), leaps aboard and proceeds to attack. A swat by breaks Wills back, and a swipe of his deadly claws is about to rip open the still unprepared Alicia.

Now, Fred's new form is an amazing piece of work, if nothing else. His nature allows him to do amazing, superhuman things at ordinary times. At times of HIGH STRESS or danger, like when his soulmate is endangered..he's an absolute horror! He has sword out and flying before Natthais can connect with Alicia's throat, and nails the mad king to the railing. The were-jackal manages to free himself and get away, but that doesn't matter to Fred. His Alicia is safe. His children that she carries (a boy and a girl) are safe.

They snap out of their own little world when Astra's sobs cut through..

Latter, we see that Synizn doesn't give Will more than a month to live, and even if he does live, he's paralyzed from neck down. Astra quickly sees a solution, but unfortunately things changed..( 1854 , 1855 , 1856 , 1953 , 1954 ). See, the manimals are no longer lycanthropes, and the bites that Fred give Will and Astra do nothing for them (i.e. no healing for Will). One good thing does come out of this, however. Will does convince Fred that Fred and the manimals ARE NOT monsters. They are still people..and still loved by the Powers that Be. The true monsters are those like Duke Drederigo D'Honaire, Minestus, and the Enemy (for obvious reasons).

Now, Natthias survived his failed attack, and was in route to yet another ambush sight when, Probe spots him. Probe is asking what the loons doing out in the middle of the desert like this when Natthias jumps him.

The cyborg cold cocks him, and binds him up. Medical scans prove to reveal signs of lycanthropic infection. Probe had spotted Fred's sailing ship, and decided to see if anything for his poor charge could be done. But before he can do that, he spots a bunch of golems (real ones) doing something.

He lands and finds that the magical constructs are getting ready to transport Fred and folks to another place.another world entirely. Probe sees the danger of spreading the Phage, and gets the golems to shut down. That's possible because Probe is as much a curiosity to them as they are to him (both are artificial in nature..just probes science based and the golems are magic based..and neither had ever met anything closely like the other).

In the discussion, the golems learn from the Golem about what happened to Atlantis (10,000 years out of the loop..sad). Probe learns a bit about why lycanthropy was created in the first place, and how golems and the old style of lycanthropes interact when they get near each other, they attack each other on sight (see 2118 ). Probe gains the golems trust by doing a masterful job at recruiting for the Alliance (a golem in this world has religion). Their religion is serving their Master/Creator. Without any purpose, the golem goes mad. Probe gave them Alliance is their new religion. They'd also go mad if they'd found that their creators weren't perfect after all, but flawed.. Anyway, they shut down the transport system, and go with another AI, Seeker, to get properly indoctrinated .

That taken care of, Probe takes his mad passenger to Fred's ship, and a disturbing family reunion takes place in 2133.

Synizn is able to heal Natthias' mind with a technique only dragons know (and the adventurer catch his references to the Dragon Circle and the nature of the healing). We then see that though Natthias is restored, his self control a tower of strength and all, Astra ain't happy. Kingy almost killed her love, paralyzed him, and Astra won't forgive. nor forget (2126).

We then find that Probe joins the adventurers because he wants to help. He arranges for faster (Alliance) transportation, and then they all end up in Wallants ( 2132 , 2140 , 2141 2142 , 2143 , 2144 ).

Between the episode between Probe's arrival and Will finally getting healed (and changed). We see the true plans of Minestus for himself, the manimals, and the world he wants for himself (the would be god in 2133.

We see why Probe does what he does at 2134 , 2135.

We see Synizn finally reveal the truth about what he was, and we see the "many minds, one heart" aspect of the Pack ( 2139 ). We see that Synizn has..succumbed to the draw of the Pack.

We learn of the dark underbelly that Drederigo is a part of while Probe's winding up to attack at 2147. The man was part of a vile project to produce super soldiers..out of the dragon's research on human subjects. Then before all Hell breaks loose, we see that the top brass and the Corporation has sent some people to look after things (and the plot thickens when we see some side communication between an AI and a human) at 2147 also.

A few grenades latter, the Duke's troops are truly up the creek without a paddle. In the process of running to rally the troops, Dred gets a call he can't refuse..from Minestus (his boss). Damaged in mind, but still able to act, the drooling duke runs and grabs a horse, then rides off like one possessed. Fred and folks give chase while the female AI (Inquirer) is freeing the prisoners in the dungeons and in process of securing the castle from the duke's forces (who are pretty much out of it with the tear gas).

Fred finally is able to catch up with his father, and is shocked to see what has happened to him. The man is a drooling idiot..and agent to Minestus! Seeing the man's damaged mind, Fred decides to let the Duke get into the Southern Caverns and lead the adventurers to Minestus..letting Dred lead them safely around or safely through booby traps. Re: 2172 , 2173 , 2183 , 2188 ).

They stop and listen in on Minestus as he plans to teleport Dredrick and himself, via magic mirror, to Atlantis to replace the one that was destroyed in his escape from the Enemy Missile Attack. Shocked at turn of events, the adventurers search for the means to follow. Meanwhile, the dark wyrm is winding up for the summoning spell (despite a few complications.. 2193 ). We end this long winded letter with me telling you that what happens next is 2230 ..and the chaos that follows... Proves hastily thrown flash/bang grenade disrupts the wyrms summoning spell, causing it to go wild! There is chaos. The chaos of lives ripped away from their homeworlds and dumped into a strangely familiar...but drastically altered..mirror of there homes.

Then we see that the analogs must at least come up with a plan on what to do next with their scrambled lives..and even nicknames for themselves and their twins. (Re2282, 2294, 2330 (is there yet another problem coming down the pike for the Pack?), 2233, 2377, 2279, 2387.

Yep, long wasn't it (but it covers the basics). Less time consuming than reading over 100 episodes, eh?

But wait! There's MORE!!

Catching up on things

Okay, we'll not rehash what has gone on in the thread of "Fred the Manfox." However, here's a recap of what's happened in other threads...then we'll go and bring you up to speed to what's happening where I left off in the other summary...

I use the analog's nicknames to avoid confusion...

Alternate Manimal Universe

Dragon Fred goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He fails and is sent to the dragon Moreau's island where he is transformed into a ManFox. He meets the dragon Malachi (later to be known as Malachi D'Honaire) and they fall in love. He turns her into a shefox. They save the Pack from certain death and are then zapped to a parallel Moreau's Island (Manimal Universe).

Alternate Walants Universe 1

Fred 1 goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra 1 are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra 1 and turns her into a demifox. Fred 1 goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred 1 & Astra 1 go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. In Walants they are put in jail. Their greedy lawyer Rift frees them so that they can lead him to the dead dragon's treasure. Fred 1& Astra 1 get zapped to Atlantis (Manimal Universe).

Alternate Walants Universe 2

Fred 2 goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra 2 and turns her into a demifox. Fred goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred 2& Astra 2 go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. Fred 2, Astra 2 and WereBear Synizn (soon to be Dragon Synizn) get zapped to Atlantis (Manimal Universe).

Alternate Walants Universe 3

Fred 3 goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra 3 are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra 3 and turns her into a demifox. Fred goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred 3 & Astra 3 go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. Their WereBear Synizn (soon to be Demifox Synizn) cures them and sends them to Aqualaria where they get married and have 7 babies (not in that order). Later, Synizn (now a demifox) visits them and asks for their help to destroy the Crystallic. They go to Normady and meet up with the dragon Sigin. Fred 3, Astra 3, DemiFox Synizn & Dragon Sigin get zapped to Atlantis Manimal Universe).

Alternate Walants Universe 4

Fred goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra and turns her into a demifox. Fred goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred & Astra go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. WereBear Synizn cures them and sends them to Aqualaria where they get married and have 7 babies (but not in that order). Later, Synizn (now a demifox) visits them and asks for their help to destroy the Crystallic. They go to Normady and meet up with the dragon Sigin. Dragoness Moreau somehow manages to drag Fred and Synizn to the lost city of Atlantis, defeat them in battle, and leave them for bait for when Astra, Sigin, and the 7 infants come along finally. The other adventurers do come along, and the trap is sprung. Sigin, Fred, Astra, and the 7 infants are transformed into demifoxes.

  1. Moreau removes some magical alterations that Synizn had put on himself to prevent him from falling to his demifox nature when he smells a vixen (mundane or demifox) in....season from losing control....

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