Alone Against the Zombie Queen

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67426

"Angyaaaa!!!" Gerbil shrieks as the Zombie Queen bursts out from a cabinet and devours his face. "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!"

"Darn you!" you snarl. "You killed poor ol' Gerbil!"

The Zombie Queen pauses in mid-devourment and hisses at you. You take an involuntary step back. The Zombie Queen is royalty among zombie-kind and for good reason. Whereas most zombies are slow and fragile, their Queen is fast like a "Dawn of the Dead" zombie and highly resistant to damage. You realize you have one hella a scrap on yer hands. This particular Zombie Queen is freshly dead, with very long, tangled blonde hair that streams down to the floor and covers her naked body.

"Brains?" the Zombie Queen asks, slowly turning on all fours to look straight up at you.

"Eat hot lead you skanky zombie bitch!" you roar, hurling the machete at her, then whipping out your .45 and firing straight at her face. Quick as a cheetah, the Zombie Queen leaps around your kitchen dodging the explosive rounds, save for one, which hurls her screaming over your trash compactor. There's blood everywhere, as the Zombie Queen struggles to stand. You fire again and again and then hear a click. Outta rounds! The Zombie Queen is laying motionless...

  1. Run up and shove her head in the trash compactor.
  2. Maneuever around to the hallway door to get to your bedroom, where the spare clips are stored.
  3. Check Gerbil to see if he's okay.
  4. GIT R' DUN

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