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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 66144

Now, it is true that Josh Burbank did not go to school with Scott Chen. He did, however, attend the same school, and graduated the same year that Scott Childers, who would later adopt the name 'Scott Chen' in the mid '90s, did. [69968]

Josh and Scott, up until sophomore year, had a classmate named Raymond Chen [71271], who was a genius level honor roll student. Unknown to our heroes, Raymond had an identical twin brother named Scott, who was enrolled in an alternative school in another suburb, simply because he did not get the brains and ability to function in life without freaking out over the slightest issues. The Chen family relocated to California in summer of 1992, and, thanks to Scott Childers' unwitting help, the family had completely broken apart seven years later.

Josh Burbank, who was now inhabiting his high school body, still had complete knowledge of how the future turned out for everyone, so he knew of Scott's many issues, and how Ray's life had more or less been ruined by Scott and his ten years of reckless womanizing and other senseless behavior after Childers appropriated his old friend's name as his alter ego. He also knew a little about Raymond's twin, and what he did know he really preferred not to know.

But still, Josh was still more than a little fed up with his situation, and he needed to take it out on somebody. Scott Chen would have to do.

"Hey, fat boy, how does it feel to know your brother gets all of the attention, and all you get is a bunch of head-shaking and embarrassed smiled whenever you fuck up?"

"SHUT UP, WIENER FACE!" screams Scott Chen, his face turning blood red and his eyes filling with tears.

Just then, Josh is horrified to notice that none other than Scott Childers, basketball in one hand, has walked into the restroom. "Dude, someone hold this, I'm gonna be late for practice," Childers says, flipping the ball to Josh. He then noticed Scott Chen in tears in one corner of the restroom.

"Wha...RAYMOND?! No, it's not Raymond. There's no way you guys came back here so soon after leaving. Why are you crying anyway?"
"H-he's making fun of me!" Scott Chen sobbed.
"Dude," Scott Childers says to Josh. "That's just lame. Back the hell off."

  1. It's now Josh's turn to cry like a baby.
  2. This storyline self destructs due to this episode. Back to the start.
  3. "I know your secrets, Childers!" Josh yells back.
  4. As it turned out, Scott Chen can kick some ass when pushed too far. Watch out, Burbank!
  5. The next day, Scott Childers experiences his life changing incident...
  6. Josh realizes he is in the past and runs off to invent Farmville.
  7. Everything dies.

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