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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72661

This worried Scott, a member of the Montcalm basketball team. He wasn't the most popular student at school, but his astonishing skills on the court made him an essential addition to the Wizards. Back then, Scott was known by his birth name, Scott Alan Childers, star forward with an almost unbeatable jump shot that seemed to defy gravity sometimes. He was a crucial part of an offense that put Montcalm at the top of SHSAA's basketball standings. At times, the local press was calling Montcalm High "almost unbeatable", and that only Baldwin could pose a serious threat to them. Just about everyone agreed that the showdown between the schools would be a game talked about for years.

Baldwin Academy had gone whole hog, marking the early December matchup with Montcalm as more important than the championship game that would take place a couple of months later. They were fired up after the Charlie Glover controversy took place, and were even more determined to crush their hated rivals after Montcalm dismantled Baldwin's football team 72-14 at their own homecoming game. More than a few people remarked that had Glover been eligible to play, and not having the ordeal of his legal problems, that game could have gone either way. "We looked loss out there, gang, and had Glover been with us, he would've led us in the right direction," said an unusually subdued coach for Baldwin after the game took place. It also didn't help matters that at Montcalm's homecoming the following Friday, they routed nearby Lisle 62-3.

The days before the big Montcalm-Baldwin basketball game, effigies were burned, and Baldwin did its best to whip the school and the town into an anti-Montcalm frenzy. More than a few people had printed "FREE GLOVER" t- shirts, even though he wasn't in custody at the time.

Montcalm was dealt a blow after they requested almost quadruple the security for the Baldwin game, when the police chief laughed them off. "It's just kids playing basketball, how bad could it get?" he asked the school board. He did concede and sent over a few more off-duty cops to the school that night, advising Montcalm officials to just "relax about the rumors. You'd be doing the same thing that Baldwin is doing, wouldn't you? Isn't that what the pep rallies are for?" In the end, Montcalm realized they had to make do with what they had been handed, even after jokes about "riots at the popcorn stand" were made.

  1. Game day.

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