Nothing But a Nightmare (Sorta)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72660

Scott, don't ignore a single detail. Remember everything from the past!

The younger Scott sits down and starts thinking about everything that led up to his breakdown in high school, and how it all stemmed from a riot at a basketball game...

Montcalm High and Baldwin Academy had always had a long rivalry. The games between the two schools had always gained more attention in the southwest suburbs than any other, and they usually dominated the Southwest High School Athletic Association's football and basketball leagues. Usually, the rivalry was kept on the gridiron, or the basketball court, but things gradually began to change in the mid-1980s. A few fights were known to break out in the stands, or occasionally, between the two teams, but it was nothing to be particularly concerned about, at least in the eyes of the two schools' administrations. Unfortunately, by 1993, fights between the two schools at athletic competitions were happening too much for the schools (and the local media) to ignore, and both schools met many times, trying to find a solution.

More often than not, the meetings ended with one side getting angry, and prematurely ending the meeting by storming out.

Then, the rivalry took a turn for the ugly in the spring of 1994. One of the most popular girls at Montcalm brought a star Baldwin athlete named Charlie Glover to her home school's prom. Despite some rumors, this was not an "arranged" date in an attempt to ease the growing tensions between the school. While Glover acted like a model citizen at the dance, it would later be revealed that he slipped a date rape drug into the girl's drink at a party afterwards, taking full advantage of her while she was incapacitated. At the time, not too many people were sober enough, or were simply more preoccupied with hooking up with their own dates after downing a few underage drinks to notice Glover practically carrying the girl out to an unused camper behind the house. After the girl became pregnant, and realized that it must have happened at the post-prom party without her consent or knowledge at the time, her parents pressed charges against Glover, prematurely ending his athletic career. He was prohibited from playing in any games once the rape allegations became public knowledge.

Most people at Baldwin refused to believe that good old Charlie Glover would rape a girl after drugging her, and they assumed that those nasty bastards at Montcalm framed him in order to assure a better season on the football field. Despite evidence to the contrary, Glover was practically angelic in the eyes of Baldwin supporters. He never did a horrible thing in his life, many people protested. He could never do something like that!

Once the school year began, stories began to circulate about fights breaking out between Montcalm and Baldwin students at shopping malls, as well as an ongoing series of crashed parties. Apparently, a group of Baldwin students came to town one Friday night in September, looking for a house party to disrupt, which they did. The following weekend, a large group of Montcalm students retaliated, and it turned violent in a hurry. In addition to that, there was the usual weekend pranks of kids from one school throwing eggs or toliet paper at an athlete from the rival school's home. Occasionally, some mailboxes were smashed. One particularly bold Baldwin student did nearly a thousand dollars worth of damages to head Montcalm cheerleader Nicole Lloyd's brand new car late one evening. Rumors quickly circulated that the Baldwin cheerleading squad was behind that stunt.

In other words, it was getting quite ugly in a hurry.

  1. How does Scott fit into the equation?

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Ben McClellan

12/17/2007 10:20:30 PM

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