High School Josh: The Sequel

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 46600

Josh enters his high school bathroom.

  1. Astra is there, naked. This is bad. The jocks could enter at any moment.
  2. He uncontrollably gives himself a swirly.
  3. He finds several shrunken human heads.
  4. He battles an enraged monkey dressed like a Sailor Scout.
  5. He headbutts a mirror.
  6. He manages to headbutt himself.
  7. Scott Chenn, younger and much, much fatter is there. Scott did -not- go to his school.
  8. Josh breaks through the wall into the principal's office. The principal is meeting with city officials and several uptight parents.
  9. Josh flushes himself to Turkmenistan.
  10. Steve Buscemi had been superglued to the wall. Josh screams, his general high school reaction to confusing situations and he's allergic to Super Glue, it makes him dizzy.

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3/23/2007 5:26:19 AM

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