Fred Versus Shaggoth 1

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6117

Fred drew his sword. He knew that this would be a tough battle as Shaggoth 4 struggled with him for control of his body. Shaggoth 1 laughed. "You dare to challenge me?" Fred struggled to speak. "Yep" was his only response. As Shaggoth 1 moved in closer, Fred swung his sword with all his might. It bounced harmlessly off the creature. "Oh crap," thought Fred, "this beast can only be defeated through magical means!" "Yep," Shaggoth 4 thought back.

  1. Fred happens to be a master magician and starts casting spells.
  2. Fred tries to probe the mind of Shaggoth 4 and learn some magic that way.
  3. Fred, helpless against Shaggoth 1, dies horribly.

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Sir Paulito

11/17/2000 9:08:28 AM

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