The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3009

Fred raises his hand to the woman. "Fool!" he screamed. "Shoggoth's do not have sexual desires! What do you take me for?"

"Excellent." the naked woman purred. She stepped back. Several limbs burst from her abdomen, spraying gore around the room. Velus yelped and cowered behind Fred's legs. The human form of the woman was split apart and an unholy, multi-limbed monstrosity stood on mighty limbs before Fred. Gastric juices bubbled from creaveasses. Multi-faceted eyes poked out from corners and swaths of skins, blinking and leaking blood.

The entire hideous creature was a bright shade of pink.

"I am the One Shoggoth. You have passed your test and shall not be destroyed. The Second is awaiting for me. The Third has been killed. You, the Fourth, shall slay the dragon and awaken the Fifth. Together, us four shall conquer this pitiful land and use the bones of it's rulers to clean out nails."
"Oh yes, getting dirt and gunk underneath your talons, real annoying. Doesn't make a good impression at the monthly demon convention in Dimension 812."
"I see."
"Now go and slaughter the dragon. I shall be here waiting."
Fred makes a decision...

  1. Fred goes to battle the dragon.
  2. Fred battles the One Shoggoth.
  3. Fred kills himself.
  4. Fred tries to make limbs pop out of his chest.

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