"Why must we destroy beauty?"

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6116

"Yes," said the inhuman thing that had once been Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, "I shall destroy the Dragon and awaken the Fifth Shoggoth. I shall fulfil my birthright."

The One Shoggoth laughed. "Excellent," he said. "Our time shall come soon. You shall serve me well, oh Fourth Shoggoth." And with that, he disappeared.

The Fourth Shoggoth basked in his new power. No longer would he be a mere human, a pawn of the forces of destiny. Now, he would direct those forces. He used his Shoggoth powers to materialize near the Dragon.

The Dragon saw the inhuman being materialize. He seemed afraid. The Fourth Shoggoth prepared to kill the Dragon...

"Hold it," came a voice from the cavern. A female voice.

The Fourth Shoggoth looked behind him and saw a woman. She was tall and beautiful, with flowing red hair. "You're obviously the Fourth Shoggoth, because not everyone can materialize out of nowhere in front of a Dragon. I am Princess Astra of Aquilaria, and I am on a quest to kill you."

The Fourth Shoggoth examined the woman in front of him. He could easily destroy her in a moment, and yet...she was so beautiful. Not that the Fourth Shoggoth was being affected by sexual desire, as that was impossible. Yet he was strongly affected by her beauty, and by the beauty of her sprit. ~~I am the Fourth Shoggoth,~~ he reminded himself. ~~I must destroy her.~~

~~No,~~ said a still small voice in his mind. ~~I am Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, and I cannot kill her.~~ A great struggle was going on in the Shoggoth's mind. What happens now?

  1. Frederigo's human side breaks through, and he helps Astra.
  2. The Fourth Shoggoth destroys Astra.
  3. Fred/The Fourth Shoggoth wonders why the episode's title is a quote from "Genesis of the Daleks."

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