Rule 4 and "The Five Doctors"

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9833

Fred/The Fourth Shoggoth wonders why the episode's title is a quote from "Genesis of the Daleks."

With that odd thought, Fred then wonders just where the #$%#$% that thought came from....and what it meant. What's a Dalek? More importantly, what is this about episode titles?! This isn't a blasted bard's tale!

The Fourth Shoggoth is equally confused, but not for the same reasons. It's the....taste of the thoughts he/it just had that seem...... The demon suddenly remembers the recent incident with the re-arrangement in the Bureaus.....(re: 8997). Where the entirety of reality was put on hold and.....

Fred then do ALL the people within the room, an inhuman scream of pure terror as a strangely dressed man with long, black hair that is slicked back with some type of oil, dressed in some type of leathery jacket and of nicknacks (actually, the person is dressed as a twentieth century biker would....but that's besides the point).

"Oops, thoughts leaking out again," Agent 4 smiles and wave his hand.

Though what happens next will eventually involve one Daleck in particular... the Agent says mentally to himself.

Suddenly Fred feels a "presence" within him suddenly vacate....and makes an appearance within ten feet in front of him!

It doesn't seem possible but the Fourth Shoggoth is even MORE hidious than the last!

All, including the dragon, take a step or three back in pure shock.

"Sub-demon Shoggoth....your boss missed you at the last Bureau meeting," Agent 4 tisks, "I think....."

The very ground opens up and swallows the aghast looking monster, leaving behind a smell of sulphur and less pleasant things....and an echoing scream of anguish.

Rule 4 then turns to Astra, who still has her sword drawn....but now has an....odd look on her face. A look that tells of thoughts divided.....or conflicting feelings.

Fred , meanwhile, can do nothing but shiver in reaction at it all (having a demon touch you like that....brr!)

The dragon, Minestus, is looking back and for the between the humans, not knowing just what the #$%^$ to make of this.

Falling back to basics, the dragon sighs and decides to follow the teachings of his mentor, Sato!

"Here, sit down," the dragon says in a kind voice as a chair is magically moved over next to Fred....who looks up at the dragon in surprise.

"Oh yes, the dragon and his Dragon Circle are a bit different from what you are used to, my would be Dragon Slayer," Agent 4 chuckles.

"Just as the situation that has suddenly developed here with Fred and Astra," the Agent continues, "Just as the still human side of Fred couldn't allow the demonic Shoggoth to destroy her....when she left herself open like can she not bring herself to kill you......"

Agent 4, of the Chaos Department, whistled a tune called "Foolish Love" on a world where one Gunslinger resided.

"What....brings you to my lair," Minestus says softly, worried. Rules were a legend amongst high level mages like he....but all the legends agreed that they were to be treated with nothing but respect (for they were dangerous). Agents, their counterparts, were an unknown quantity. Minestus' senses were screaming to be wary.

  1. "I have a deal for you all that will solve a few problems," Agent 4 sighs. "See, none of you....NONE....belongs here....."

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