End of the Quest

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14145

Fred's life, whether noble or ignoble, has come to an end. It hardly matters now exactly how it was that he perished, whether pierced by cold steel, or burned to death by magic flames, or devoured from within by flesh-eating bacteria. Fred is dead. Gone, over and done with, finito. And with Fred's death the Dragon is left in dominion of the planet, overrunning first Allaria, then the other kingdoms with his terrible legions. The good people of the land were slaughtered and enslaved, and perpetual darkness consumed the world.

And yet there is no need for despair, gentle reader. For regardless how vast and terrible the darkness is, no matter how long it lasts, there will yet come another chance. Friedrich Nietzsche's theory of Eternal Recurrence states that all things shall once more come to pass. It is a terrifying doctrine, yet how could it not be? For time is endless, and the possible combinations of matter limited. Inescapably, during the steady passage of eternity matter will rearrange itself into forms once known, and once again the Allaria of sackcloth and ashes shall come to be, razed by dragon's flame. And once more a young hero named Fred will stand at the entrance of the Dragon's Cave, armed with little more than his map and his wits...

  1. Fred's Quest resumes.
  2. Instead, we follow another of Fred's reincarnations during the endless flow of time, and another quest...

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