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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 59990

Grabbing the outstretched hand, Fred pulled with all his might. The podgy, middle aged woman groaned as she and Fred resumed their flight up the uneven tunnel. The tunnel ended abruptly.

"Through here!" The lady motioned towards a hole in the right wall with a large stone by it. Suddenly they came out into a cavern. Fred and his companion pulled the stone across the entrance to seal the cavern just as the cloud of gas reached them. "Phew, thanks," spoke Fred to the band of smugglers as he turned around to inspect his location.

The rock walls had ornaments carved out of them, including animal heads and shields with their colours painted on. This chamber must have been hewn from a much smaller one. It was only about a hundred feet in length and twenty across, but it was an impressive gallery.

A large man interrupted Fred's thoughts: "The thanks is ours to give. That is Deborah, my wife, and I am indebted to you. Valour like this could only come from a noble family."

"Indeed, my father fought the dragon for many years. He even told me of smugglers cunningly living under the dragon's nose. I am Lord Frederigo of the D'Honaires. I also wish to thank the young man who slew the dragon minoins' general." The smugglers seemed to esteem him highly now.

"What is your business here, Lord Frederigo?" Asked an older man, coming forward from the back of the crowd.

"I am here to strike at the heart of the dragon, to end the terror and to slay that foul beast. Will you here help me? Surely you know where the creature sleeps."

Their leader replies ...

  1. "We can send a small band with you."
  2. "We will direct you, but armies have tried and failed!"
  3. "Come, stay with us for a while."

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