The Dark Flies.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5817

As the light went out,Velus started to growl at something.They started to hear a buzzing,and soon felt things flying past them."Run!!"Fred shouted,and took off.Astra and Velus,not wanting to see what makes a brave warrior run away,sped after him.They came upon him farther down the cave,in a puddle."Quickly,get in!"he shouted."Why?"Astra asked,getting into the puddle,"Whats wrong?"She pulled Velus in also."T-t-those things we heard were the Dark Flies!"he stammered."They come out at night,deverouring anything they see.They turn forests into wastelands,towns into graveyards.No one has been known to kill them,and it's almost immpossiable to escape them."Suddenly...

  1. The flies attack and eat them.
  2. The flies appear,and they duck underwater.
  3. The flies form into the dragon.

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6/27/2000 3:17:25 PM

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