An Uneventful Interlude

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5805

For a long while, their progress was uneventful. They encountered no person nor creature, and no more enchantments came to trouble them. Fred was worried by how low his torch was burning, though. It had been dipped in a liquid that caused it to burn very slowly, but his mission was taking far longer than he had anticipated. He had not appreciated just how large and complex the cave system was, or he would have brought more than one torch. Also the food in his pack was beginning to run low. It had been intended to sustain one person, not two people and a dog.

Eventually, his torch flickered and died.

  1. Leaving them in complete darkness.
  2. Only then did they realise that the cave walls were slightly phospherescent.

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11/19/1999 2:28:33 PM

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