The Never Ending Quest - Episode 57205

"Amazing," Fred thought as he held the egg, "this egg holds a creature that in a couple of hundred years could be so powerful that they could terrorize the entire kingdom. It's just amazing how something so small could be the start of something so powerful... of course even so this is the largest egg I've ever seen in my life."

Finished at looking at it, Fred began to try to set the egg down. Unfortunately it wouldn't leave his hands, even more unfortunate a strange red light coming from the egg enveloped him.

"What's happening!?" Fred screamed as the light began pulling his body closer to the egg. All of a sudden the light disappeared and everything went black for Fred as he passed out.

When Fred awoke everything was still black. Fred tried to move but couldn't, he was really in a cramped space. He tried to break through the wall of wherever he was but couldn't do it. After a couple of hours of yelling and screaming and pushing and trying his best to claw out of the area Fred eventually tired and fell back asleep.

When Fred awoke again he still was in the same tightly enclosed space, feeling hopeless Fred tried to break through the wall again...

  1. Success Fred was able to punch a hole through the wall and crawl out
  2. Failure Fred still wasn't able to break through

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