Someone laid a big one

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 119

Fred stood in the middle of the dark silent cavern. It took him a while to gather enough of his wits about him to take the torch out of his backpack and light it with a flint. That was when he saw them. They were larger than ostrich eggs, though Fred had never seen an ostrich, and had pale yellow and amber shells. Fred wondered what kind of a bird could live so deeply within a cave, then it hit him. These were dragon eggs.

If there are dragon eggs, there must be a dragon somewhere nearby Fred reasonsed with what were left of his wits. Well.....

  1. Fred decided he was in no shape to fight an angry moma dragon. He vamoosed.
  2. Fred knew this was hig big chance to fight the dragon and decided to waitt for her.
  3. Fred realized that the evil spawn of the dragon must not live and set about smashing the eggs.
  4. Fred decided to explore the room with the eggs further, thinking there might be treasure.
  5. You can decide what Fred does here if you don't like any of the other four choices.
  6. Fred decides to make an omelette
  7. Never having seen a dragon egg, Fred picked one up to admire it

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