Fred flees his task

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 345

Fred decides he is in no shape to fight an angry mother dragon. He turns on one heel and runs for his ever-lovin' life.
He escapes the caves with some difficulty. There were the sentient motes of rock dust that didn't like his shoes for some reason. The river with the raft that would not let him in until he answered a riddle. Finally, the flying forbushes and the drunken fairy. Boy, it was so amazing that one little thing could vomit so much.
Fred spent a full week sneaking into the Three Kingdoms. They were a small province to the northwest of his homeland. As of now they were currently at peace but they distrusted each other so much that anyone willing to patrol endless borders could make a good living. Fred established himself in the mountainous town of Trebleclef and became very popular. One day...

  1. he broke his ankle.
  2. the King appeared.
  3. his face hurt.
  4. he found a picture of his mom in the dirt in the woods.
  5. it began to rain frogs.
  6. he found an old man who once lived on the other side of the world.
  7. the dragon showed up.
  8. he woke up back home.

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