Smuggling Scott Into Never Ending Quest

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4861

You sit on a rock and massage your left calf. "Smuggling Scott into Never Ending Quest sounds like loads of fun. But how will we do it without the story cops finding out?"
"Easy." said Sir Seeker, pulling out a cardboard box from thin air. "Those red-suited goombahs can supervise all the Never Ending Quest plot elements. But this here box is something from Game 3 Addventure and thus can be passed through without detection. Hop in and we'll end up in Scott's Staircase Room."

There is a breif flash of purple and black then you climb out of the box with Seeker. You are in a large but cozy room. There are a few teal couches, some boxes of supplies, a window and a staircase that goes up through the roof and down through the floor. Though it looks tough to actually get onto.

There are multiple other things in this room but you seem to forget about them as soon as you stop looking at them.
Scott comes out from behind a door.
"Scott! How'd you like to enter an entirely new game reality!"
"Would I! I haven't been able to do squat in here for the longest time!"

What happens now, oh readers?

  1. You, Seeker and Scott hop back to Never Ending Quest.
  2. Scott and Seeker hop back to Never Ending Quest, leaving you behind.
  3. You and Scott hop back to Never Ending Quest, leaving Seeker behind.
  4. Bruce leads in Addventure officials and Story Cops and all three of you are arrested.
  5. Addventure Game 3 'Endless Perspectives' and Never Ending Quest get terribly mixed up. There's Brucboz, the mysterious wizard, zebra morphs, Princess Jennifer Astra...
  6. You, Seeker and Scott find the magic box now useless. They are stuck with Scott!
  7. You and Seeker hop back to Never Ending Quest, leaving Scott behind.
  8. Somthing else (heh, heh)?
  9. A sudden awakening....

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