Not This <i>Again</i>...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4776

"Oh yeah," you say, "there's that, isn't there? Say, why am I doing this again?"

"What," The Seeker says, "why are you killing the dragon? It's spreading death, destruction, nasty rumors, that sort of thing. Haven't you been paying attention these last few episodes?"

"No, I mean why am I doing it? I thought Lord Fred was taking care of that in the other plot branches."

"Well, he can't very well take care of it in this one anymore, can he?"

"Ahh, he'll take care of it somehow. Aren't you getting bored of this plot? I wanna do something different."

"Hmm..." The Seeker says, pondering this.

"C'mon, can we, can we, huh, huh, can we?" You whine. "C'mon! C'mon! Can we? Can we? Can w--"

"All right, all right!" The Seeker shouts. "We'll start a new storyline." He pauses. "Sooo... what do you want to do?"

They ponder their options and finally decide to...

  1. ...bring Lord Fred back to life so he can take care of the dragon himself.
  2. the king and take over the country. (Power! Power! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!)
  3. ...go to Vegas and gamble and pick up chicks.
  4. ...smuggle Scott into the Never Ending Quest (he has to be getting restless in the limbo that is Addventure).
  5. ...just kill the stupid dragon already (why mess with the status quo now?).
  6. Let the whole collapse so a new story can form out of the aether.

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The Seeker (Who's written about three Never Ending Quest episodes and <i>no</i> Addventure episodes in the last few months. Is anybody else getting restless?)

10/11/1999 9:34:21 PM

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