A branch

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 456

The Unending Addventure - episode 3

You are at a branch in the staircase.

Above there are two identical staircases. One staircase is wide, steep, and made out of rough white stone; the other is narrow, gentle, and made out of smooth black stone. O.K., maybe they aren't as identical as they looked at first glance.

Below is a single staircase, almost identical to itself.

There is hole the left wall about three feet off the ground that is much too small to crawl into, but the wall around the hole looks flexible.

  1. Sir Josh clicks on "Go up the black staircase."
  2. Sir Josh clicks on "Go up the white staircase."
  3. Sir Josh clicks on "Go down the staitcase [sic]."
  4. Sir Josh clicks on "Place an arm in the left wall."
  5. Sir Josh clicks on "Crawl into the hole in the left wall."
  6. Sir Josh clicks on "Walk through the right wall."

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