A new game for Sir Josh

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 327

Sir Josh pops the CD-ROM marked "Addventure 2: The Unending Addventure" into his drive. The following text appears:

The Staircase

There was darkness.

There was light.

There was noise.

There was silence.

Somewhere, off in the timeless expanse of non-existant reality, there was... anything... and everything... every possible combination of things that could be and could not be. There was no physical space - at least not in the way humans would understand the concept. There just was.

In this "space" that was, there was a staircase that went anywhere. In particular, this staircase went

  1. Sir Josh clicks on "up."
  2. Sir Josh clicks on "down."
  3. Sir Josh closes the game. "This one sucks too!"

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Paulito (with a tip o' the hat to Prisoner)

2/16/1999 9:25:45 PM

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