A rude awakening

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 693

The Unending Addventure - episode 16

None of this seems quite real. Sir Josh must be dreaming or all of this is an illusion. To prove it to himself Sir Josh decides to walk through the wall.

Sir Josh marches confidently toward the wall ready to walk right through it and face whatever may be on the other. The wall, unfortunately, has other ideas. It stops Sir Josh's advancement quite effectively leaving him momentarily dazed. Rubbing the small knot on his forehead Sir Josh thinks that walking into the wall was not such a good idea after all.

  1. Sir Josh the Dumb clicks on the one and only one choice "Try something else."

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Sir Josh the Dumb (with a tip of the hat to cschoppe)

2/17/1999 8:54:46 PM

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