Backpedal, Scott!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45339

"I've got to fix this," Scott thought to himself, his internal dialogue voice squeaking with the small but unmistakable sound of panic. "This is the first live 100% intact human female I've had sex with in the last 3 years!" Scott wished he could count that headless corpse he found down by the railyard.

"Krissy, wait," Scott started, wondering to himself what to say next. "I... I... I'm sorry --*aHEEN AHEMHEM* -- sorry if you took offense to whatever it was I said last episode." He searched her face, wondering why she couldn't give him some sign of what she was feeling or thinking. As it was, all he had to go on were her tears, her clenched up fists, and her body-racking sobs. Dammit, why did people have to be so closed off and hard to read? And before you ask, no, she didn't have a mood ring!

"I would greatly prefer," he said, vowing to press on, "if we could continue to make love in such a passionate manner as was described several episodes ago. I promise this time to actually touch your thingie and possibly even stop talking about old Disney cartoons, at least when I put my weenis into your front bottom."

"Oh, Scott! You say the most marvelous, wonderful things! Come here to me, my static little man-child!" And with that, she flung herself at him and they did stuff together that was all, you know, sexy and whatnot.

  1. Unbelievably, however, one lone Scottsperm (we'll call him Steve) manages to find the ovum
  2. Krissy invites Scott over to meet her parents; wackiness ensues!
  3. Crap, I dunno, something else happens. You be the creative one. Jesus.

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Sparky Mctittlebaum

9/8/2004 1:37:45 PM

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