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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45336

Krissy woke up, still nude, and sat up in bed, revealing some of her nude parts. There was a shy half-smile on her nude lips.

Scott smiled back, cleared his throat, and tried to look at her face rather than her alluring nude parts. "Krissy," he began. "That was a lot of fun, I'm pretty sure. But there's something I think we should work out."

She raised an enquiring nude eyebrow.

"I'm a little worried that if you leave Roger for me, you might not be entirely faithful to me. I base this conjecture on the fact that you are, although still technically attached to Roger, actually right now having made love to me, who am not your boyfriend."

Krissy said nothing, but jumped out of bed. There was just a glimpse of her nude derriere, immediately covered by panties or whatever women wear down there, quickly followed by her other clothes.

"Gulp," Scott gulped. Had he completely blown it?

  1. It's nothing three more hours of hot monkey love can't fix!
  2. Perhaps a visit from Mr. Puppetdog would help?
  3. Yeah, but jeez, what a bitch. No loss.

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