Be Careful, There's a Baby in the House

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45340

Okay, really now. Headless corpse fucking down by the railroad yard? Mood rings? Putting a weenis into someone's front bottom? Static little man-child? Jesus Christ, who wrote this shit anyway?

Hold that a message in my inbox:

It was me! My name is Sparky, and I aspire to be a great addventure extendable fiction writer of fiction! But I don't like reading those porno episodes, they make me blush and also make me feel funny "down there", so I spice it up with great jokes that always make my friends at school laugh. Your looking at the next great star writer at Horsefeathers, so you better not make fun of my amazing writing where the horror can never be described!

Warm regards,

Sparky Mctittlebaum, the UnGoth
The true and honest creator of NEQ Episode 45339
Ms. Johnson's remedial fifth grade class,
Claude Balls Elementary School / Ashtabula, OHIO

I see. Don't give up the day job, kid.

Regardless, we will entertain your rather worn out idea of one lonely "ScottSperm" (REALLY now?!) reaching Krissy's ovum thanks to their not practicing safe sex, resulting in a baby boy named Steve being born nine months later.

How do Scott and Krissy react to the birth of their first child?

  1. They're overjoyed.
  2. They're distressed. They can't afford Steve, not to mention they fell out of love months ago.
  3. They're rather indifferent.
  4. They spam every newsgroup in existance with the news.
  5. Endless pictures and status updates on Facebook.
  6. They don't. CUZ A NUKCLEAR BOMB BLOWS UP THE HOPSITAL!!! (get the hell out of here, Sparky, I mean it! --Ed.)
  7. Back to start.
  8. Back to Scott first meeting Krissy...

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2/16/2014 9:00:30 PM

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