Fred Wins

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45087

Astra was a formidable adversary, but Fred got lucky. When he tackled her, narrowly avoiding the knife, their foreheads banged together and Astra was knocked unconscious.

Fred found some bandages and tied her up. He enjoyed that part. Just as he had finished, Astra came round.

  1. "Set me free at once!" she demanded.
  2. "Mhhpgt fgpht gumpt!" she said. (Fred had gagged her with one of the bandages.)
  3. "Are you going to do unspeakable things to me now that I'm completely at your mercy?" she asked. "Certainly not!" Fred responded in a shocked tone of voice. "Pity."

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8/30/2004 10:26:59 AM

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