Unspeakable Things

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45093

"Then again..." Fred said. He sat on Astra's stomach and began touching her eyes.
"Poke, poke, poke."
Astra, forced to blink, growled in frustration. "Stop touching my eyes!"
Fred licked his finger and jammed it in Astra's ear, a favorite torment of the bullies that had dogged Fred until the age of twenty seven.
"Ew!" said Astra.
Fred pulled his finger out. A huge chunk of earwax came with. "Ew!" said Fred.
Fred flicked the earwax away. It smashed through a porthole and killed a passing seagull, but it was okay, the seagull had cancer and kicked babies.

  1. Fred continues touching Astra's eyes.
  2. Fred falls asleep sitting up/on Astra.
  3. The Dread Cabin Boy Doug Ramsey enters.

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