Astra Stabs Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43396

Fortunately Astra hits the medallion.
The knife literally turns to ash.
But Astra pulls a bigger knife, this one with frightening red chunks on it.
"Oh, well." said Astra. "Guess my strawberry jam cutting knife will have to do."
Fred tackled Astra, getting a faceful of what would otherwise be very fun softness.

  1. Fred is stabbed many times but clings to life.
  2. Fred is stabbed in the shoulder.
  3. Fred dies of being stabbed in the neck.
  4. Fred is stabbed in the pinky and dies instantly.
  5. Fred subdues Astra and ties her up.
  6. Fred runs for it as soon as Astra is flattened.
  7. Fred is saved by Buffy the vampire slayer.

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