Astra Wants Fred's Medallion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43365

"You could have taken the medallion from me when I was unconscious," Fred pointed out.

"Yes, but that would have been stealing," Astra said.

"Isn't that what pirates do? Anyway, why do you want it?"

"Because it's not only pretty but also could be very valuable. It seems to be made of gold and has what appears to be a genuine emerald set in its centre. [9981] Besides, I bet it has strange hidden powers. Look at the mysterious runes engraved on it. It will do nicely for paying your bill for my care of you."

"Well, you can't have it. It's a family heirloom." [10850]

Astra pouted.

  1. "Oh, all right, keep your rotten old medallion," she said.
  2. "I'll trade you the kitten for it," she offered.
  3. "Oh dear!" she said. "Your condition seems to have just taken a turn for the worse. I'm afraid that I am going to lose another patient." She produced a dagger.
  4. Schnookems, angry because he was being ignored, chose that moment to scratch Fred's arm.

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