Petting Astra's Pussy

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43349

“And that’s six or seven out of eight or nine total patients, mind you, so I’d say I’m more than qualified,” she said defensively. “Here, eat some more painkillers.”

Fred made no arguments on that last statement, and meowed gratefully.

“That’s a good kitty,” Astra cooed, as she stroked a now purring Fred on his belly. “Eat up all the little pills. Such a good kitty!” (Astra had indulged in a few of them herself, you see)

“So, uh, now that you know I’m Fred, you aren’t going to betray me to the captain, are you?” Fred asked suddenly, realizing how foolish he’d been giving away his true identity.

Astra licked her lips and smiled wickedly. “That all depends.”

“On what?”

“On how happy you make my pussy. It needs petting too.”

Fred nearly soiled himself right then and there. “”

Astra chuckled. “I think you misunderstood me.” She reached behind a counter and grabbed an adorable kitten. “Meet Schnookems. Lots got it for me when we were raiding some whaling ships off Caibu.”

Fred was crushed. “I thought you wanted me to touch your vagina,” he lamented. “Oh well. Hand over the kitty.”

“And I want that medallion.” Astra said as an afterthought.

  1. Fred refused.
  2. Fred, his wits clouded with painkillers, agreed,

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