Astra's Medical Credentials

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43336

"So how does a princess of Aqualaria finish up as the doctor for a pirate captain?" Fred asked after Astra had introduced herself. "Especially for one with a reputation like the Dread Pirate Lots."

"I went to sea with him because of our hot, sexy, bedpost-banging love affair," Astra said.

Fred blushed. He wished now that he hadn't asked. He hastily changed the subject, and asked: "So what are your medical qualifications?"

"You needn't worry that you won't get adequate medical treatment," Astra replied. "I've read 'Doctoring for Dummies' from cover to cover."

"Is that sufficient? Shouldn't you have had years of training?"

  1. "Well, I haven't lost a patient yet."
  2. "I've lost hardly any patients. Well, no more than six or seven."
  3. Instead of answering, Astra asked: "What's that distinctive medallion round your neck?" [10887-2]

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