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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4063

The Programmer waits and decides to see what happens. As expected, Lord Fred sinks further into the quicksand. Already he's too deep to attempt to float on it.
In less then a minute, he had died (quite messily, I might add, not a pretty sight).

Now The Programmer knew Fred's death usually meant a quick trip to episode 60. But The Programmer was tired of all that. He makes a few quick entries in the system (wondering all the while why it hadn't collapsed just yet) and...

  1. Lord Fred starts at the beginning.
  2. Lord Fred finds himself riding the dragon while the creature flies over a bustling metropolis.
  3. Lord Fred finds himself kissing a strange woman!
  4. Lord Fred ends up at episode 60 anyway.
  5. Lord Fred ceases to exist at all!

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9/5/1999 10:27:29 AM

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