Sho I says to thish guy...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3949

The unnamed woman rolled her eyes in boredom. This Fred guy just would not shut up...

"...and he was settin them up, and I wazhh knockin'em back like they wazsh nothin..."

She didn't need this. Really, all she wanted was to help this guy out...he could have wished for anything, and he went with beer?

"...there I was, talkin to thish guy and knockin'em back like they wash nothin..."

He could have wished for powerful weapons to slay the dragon, or riches or power, anything...

"...there he wazhh, settin me up and knockin to thish guy..."

Or he could have wished to be out of these damn caves, at home with the wife and kids...

"...and I wazz shettin'em up and he was knockin'em back like I was nothin..."

Maybe he didn't have a wife. Well, he could have wished for one. He could have wished for the most beautiful woman in the world...

"...ya know, yer kinda purdy..."

Suddenly she stopped. She hadn't really been doing anything she could have stopped doing, but she stopped anyway. A thought occurred to her, slowly crossing her mind like a turtle over a six-lane highway trying not to be introduced to the pavement by an 18-wheeler. That wasn't the thought. The thought was this: Who was she?

"...and he wush knockin me up like I was nothin..."

She searched her memory. What was she doing in the caves? Why had she come to lecture this guy on the perils of alcohol consumption? What was her name?

"...there I waz, like he wush knockin..."

He couldn't have wished for her, could he? He couldn't have just conjured her into existence? Had she really been the other half of his whim, a beer and a babe? Was she really created just for him, for this drunken fool slobbering in her lap? She slowly stood up.

"...I was nockin him back, like they waszh..."

  1. The woman tried to sober Fred up.
  2. The woman left Fred to work out her personality problems.
  3. The woman had a beer with Fred to work out her personality problems.
  4. The woman decided to fulfill her purpose...

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