...and I wuz nothin'em back like they wush knockin...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12361

Frantically trying to justify her own existence, the beautiful woman gave Fred a few healthy slaps across the face. He blinked a couple times but gave no indication as to whether he was displeased by this or not. "Hey," the woman yelled at him, "Did you wish for a beautiful woman?"

Fred looked at her, or tried to. One of his eyes didn't seem to be listening to his brain. "Ev'ry day of my life, lady..." He trailed back off into incoherent mumblings.

"I mean just now, when you opened the chest..." It was no use. Fred was on the verge of either unconciousness or regurgitation.

  1. The beautiful woman brews a pot of coffee.
  2. The beautiful woman waits for Fred to sleep it off.
  3. The beautiful woman...hey, can we stop calling her the beautiful woman and give her a name already?

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8/22/2000 9:21:48 PM

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