Forced Reincarnation

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38046

"I don't know!" Mike said. "How the hell should I know something like that?"

Arnold laughed at him and said "Then I will cast you back down to Earth until you learn."

"What?!" Mike exclaimed. "That's not freakin' fair! What kind of afterlife are you running here?!"

"Talk to the hand." Arnold said. "Hasta la vista... baby!"

Mike screamed in horror as his soul plummeted back down to Earth, to land with a gruesome splat in the newly conceived fetus of...

  1. Lord Frederigo D'Honaire.
  2. Alyssa the Squire.
  3. Miss Amy Gupta.
  4. Josh Burbank.

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1/24/2004 12:56:48 AM

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