The Spiritual Plane

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38044

Mike's spirit rose and flew effortlessly over the abyss. He hurtled through an infinite emptiness, within which was concealed everything that was or would ever be.

"This totally rocks!" Mike laughed. "I've always hated the mortal coil. Now I'm free at last!"

After many millenia of happy and carefree playtime in a world of pure thought-energy, Mike arrived at the gate of a massive castle in the clouds. He was met by the Great Rejuvenator, who appeared today in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Ja, you have been terminated." Arnold said. "So then tell me, young barbarian - what is the Riddle of Steel?!"

  1. Mike knows the Riddle of Steel, having watched Conan the Barbarian 72 hundred times or so.
  2. Mike does not know the Riddle of Steel.

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1/24/2004 12:53:09 AM

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