The Dragon's Lair

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 37

Fred and Velus stand at the very entrance of a large cave where a huge dragon rests on top of a hoard of gold, jewels and other treasures.

The dragon is sleeping and does not appear to notice that it has a visitor to its lair.

"Aaah!" whispers Lord Fred to Velus. "All we need to do is to kill this beast and then we'll have the worst behind us."

Velus thumps his tail at Lord Fred.

  1. Fred heads to the dragon so the he can stab his sword into the dragon's fat belly.
  2. As Fred heads to the dragon, the whole scene changes as if it was an illusion.
  3. Fred heads for the dragon, but trips on a rock, sending it clattering across the room and bumping the dragon in the snout
  4. Fred aproaches the dragon to lop off its head
  5. Fred Fights The Dragon
  6. Fred falls and wakes the dragon.
  7. Fred realises that maybe he's not ready to fight the dragon.
  8. Velus the dastard

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Josh Bieber

2/14/1999 7:30:24 AM

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