Velus the dastard

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 81751

The dragon lifts its mighty head.

"Well done Velus!"

Fred looks from dragon to Velus in dismay.

As he watches, 'Velus' shifts from small dog to albino man dressed in black robes.

"An honor, as always, to serve thee, my master," intones Velus to the dragon.

"Now," rumbles the dragon. "What to do with you, little knight..."

"Do your wor-worst," Fred says, disgusted at himself as his nerve fails him.

The dragon gazes at him, in sanguine mood.

"Spare me your witless bravado. You, a mortal figment, a plaything, am less even than I, who at least has the satisfaction of being an eternal... Even if I am trapped here..."

Moments pass in silence. Fred considers a hundred senseless schemes. Such is the deep-felt need for life in each of us.

"I have decided," the dragon tells Fred, "to make use of you."

"I will never serve evil!" The Knight yells at the dragon. "NEVER!"

"Ah, but who is to say what is good, and what is evil..."

The Dragon raised one magnificent jewelled claw, and-

  1. Sir Fred materialises in a dungeon complex in the middle of a four-way intersection.
  2. Sir Fred awakens.
  3. Sir Fred awakens.
  4. Sir Fred materialises in a volcanic cavern.

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Jonathan Nolan

9/10/2008 9:36:13 PM

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