Our Brave Hero Heads Towards the Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 24

Fred decided that if he had to face this dragon he had better get it over with, and allowed Velus to lead him through the maze of tunnels that led towards the dragon's lair. Eventually:

  1. He emerged into a large cave, in the centre of which lay the dragon on its hoard of gold and jewels.
  2. He came upon a beautiful damsel, chained to the wall of the tunnel.
  3. They came to a red door.
  4. Fred went back out into the forest.
  5. The King is in a hut.
  6. the dragon episode.
  7. An opening within the cave.
  8. he finds a dead end.
  9. They get hopelessly lost
  10. You find a kid instead of a dragon
  11. The hero enters into the wounderful land of candy!
  12. The police show up???
  13. Matt The Great Sage Shows Up
  14. Bob the Builder Offers to Help you.
  15. They confronted a strange teen boy...
  16. A border collie runs up in front of you!
  17. The dog eats Fred and continues on the quest on his own.

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2/13/1999 10:31:15 AM

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