Ridiculous, Ain't it?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34346

Swordman and Zombie Fred entered the door labeled 'MENS', coming face to face with a very tired and annoyed looking Story Cop. "Mruuungggh," said Zombie Fred, and Swordman reached out and grabbed the cop.

"Hi there," said the cop, most notably not dying. "This is stupid. A swordman? What the hell is that. And you touch people and they die? And Fred, so early in his quest, is already a zombie? No, no, this will not do at all."

"But," protested the Swordman, but it was too late. The Story Cop had activated his 'Reset Device' and everything dissolved.

What is the plot now?

  1. Back to the beginning.
  2. Lord Fred, 8 years old.
  3. Astra, a coming of (warrior princess) age story.
  4. Belboz, rise of a necromancer.
  5. Belboz, Minestus Belboz, rise of a dragon.
  6. Josh and Scott conquer the martians.

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