A Duel is Avoided, and So Is What Might Have Passed for a Decent Episode

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34341

But before the duel could begin, Zombie Fred lunged at his former mentor and began chewing on his head! "Hehehe, what are ya doing Fred? You silly! That tickles! You silly boy! Ow! Hey, stop that, Fred!" protested Larry. "Ow! Hey! That really hurts! HEY! STOP!!! STOP IT! OH- OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP!!!! YOU'RE - YOU'RE EATING MY BRAINS! OH GOD, HE'S EATING MY BRAINS!!! AHHhhh!!!" And his soulfull cries of agony eventually subsided. Eventually....

"A job well done!" smirked Swordman, patting the zombie on it's head.

"Bluuuuuuuuurgh," replied the corpse. It looked content now.

They bravely ventured forth, accross the bridge that ran the expanse of the lava. The bridge turned out to be more rackity than rickity, and they made it to the other side without any further troubles. Once accross, the passageway abruptly ended, and they were confronted with several doors, all made of solid metal.

  1. They entered the door labeled 'MENS'
  2. They enetered the door labeled 'WOMENS'
  3. They entered the door labeled 'EMPLOYEES ONLY'

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10/8/2003 7:37:55 AM

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