The Josh Burbank Section

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33707

The Josh Burbank section is deep in the 900s. The carpet back here is brighter then the other sections, indicating less use. The shelves are mostly metal and whatnot, the good wood shelves being saved for the rectangular fiction section near the front.
Scott is astonished that there's even ONE book on the guy.
Mitchell points out the section.

  1. Turns out there is only one book on the guy.
  2. There is approximately three hundred and fifty books on Josh.
  3. The Josh Burbank section turns out to be Josh himself tied up, gagged and placed on a library shelf.
  4. Mitchell just keeps on leading him deeper into the shelves. Scott starts to get a baaad feeling. Especially when he sees a book titled 'Aaa'nth Flanygin Fir'.

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9/28/2003 3:30:50 PM

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