Scott and the library

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33686

Scott stops in the middle of a sea of blue tile. Ahead is a small brown desk, bristling with computer equipment. Behind it is generic librarian clothing but inhabiting it is a twenty-something man with spiked blonde hair.
Pathways to the left and right lead to a maze of well stocked shelves. "Hi!" says the man. "My name is Mitchell Sandowski! How can I help a strapping young man such as yourself?"

  1. Scott asks for science fiction.
  2. Scott asks for historical drama.
  3. Scott asks for the internet terminals.
  4. Scott jokingly asks for the Josh Burbank section. Mitchell leads him to it!!
  5. Josh runs in, leaps the desk and vanishes into thin air. "Goodness!" says Mitchell.
  6. Scott is overcome by ennui and lays on the cook tile.
  7. Scott asks for bleeplethopes.
  8. Scott remembers the brief fling he had with a Mitchell Sandowski in high school. Was this he?
  9. Scott asks for a sword to slay the dragon with.
  10. Scott is overcome by bad gravity and ends walking sideways on the front of Mitchell's desk.

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9/28/2003 3:27:48 PM

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