Internet terminals

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33706

The library's internet terminals, which overlooked the children's section, was hooked into the internet one month from now.

  1. Scott eagerly copies down sports scores; he will try to make a fortune.
  2. Scott sees he is on Facebook and opens a chat window with his future self.
  3. Scott sees Future Josh is online and sends him explicit death threats.
  4. Scott sends himself an email and thinks it is time travel instead of something anyone can do.
  5. Scott somehow proves he is from the past and rocks the world a month from now. Soon CNN is interviewing him via chat.
  6. One computer over is high-speed but access the internet from 1998.
  7. A stranger walks by.
  8. A scruffy Mafia soldier walks by. Scott flings him over the railing into the kids section.
  9. The kids section fills up.
  10. The kids section fills up with blood.

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6/17/2015 6:36:28 PM

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