Josh and the Vending Machine

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33624

Right in front of Josh was a vending machine installed in the wall which was fully stocked with various snack foods. He soon discovered that he couldn't take advantage of this unexpected find due to the fact he was broke. All he had in his pockets were two pieces of lint, some used chewing gum and a stale cookie. Which he decided to eat anyway, regardless of the consequences.

While eating the cookie the snacks in the vending machine seemed to be calling to him, so he decided to try different methods of obtaining some. He kicks, punches, karate chops and headbutts it almost giving himself concussion. All to no avail. Totally out of ideas, he starts trying to pull it out of the wall.

  1. It falls on him.
  2. A small hatch opens and he gets punched out by a boxing glove.
  3. He gets electrocuted.
  4. It laughs at him. Then blows a large raspberry.
  5. It pops out of existance.

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10/19/2003 3:11:15 PM

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